About Us

  • In the Beginning

    Marion began by focussing on the development of our own in-house software as well as some bespoke software applications and websites for our customers. From the onset, we aimed to deliver quality solutions to ensure that our customers were satisfied.

  • Houston we have a problem!

    However, too often we found ourselves in a position where we needed to defend our software’s integrity and performance against allegations from third party vendors, accusing our software as being the root cause of an IT Problem. This brought along the unfortunate situation whereby the customer was in the centre of the debate, not knowing whom of the vendors to trust.

  • Our Solution

    We ended this predicament by simply becoming a complete provider of all IT aspects to our customers. This lead to the establishment of our Cloud Solutions division. We became an ISP (Internet Service Provider) as well as a MSP (Managed Services Provider – IT Support and Consulting). We based our approach on the following two values and attitudes: “First time right” and “If it doesn’t work at the customer, it doesn’t work”.

  • Currently & going forward

    We are in the unique position to partner with our customers by providing relevant, economical and state-of-the-art IT solutions to advance our customers’ businesses and enable them to provide the best service to their customers in turn. We provide a complete IT offering in a strategic partnership with our customers. Our customers only have one number to phone, regardless of which contracted IT system experiences a problem.

    Marion Technology can investigate the problem and, because we have insight into all the interconnected systems, resolve faults quicker as a single vendor, compared to the customer having to deal with multiple vendors supporting the various components of their integrated IT ecosystem.

    We pride ourselves in our work and we are passionate about improving people’s lives through technology by providing IT products and services that enhances their businesses.

    IT is not necessarily our customers’ core business, but IT certainly is ours!

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